The Captiva

By Artsian Spas

Part of the Island Series

It’s easy to get lost in the moment as you unwind to the sounds of the circulating water and relax with the powerful massage of the Helix jets. The Captiva is the ideal spa for reconnecting with family and friends. This spa has six seats that offer a variety of jet configurations for every taste.

Island Spas by Artesian Spas


Width:84 in
Height:36 in
Length:84 in
Primary Specs
Seating Capacity7
Dry Weight845 lbs
Filled Weight4,045 lbs
Water Capacity400 gl
Additional Specs
Pump 14.8 bhp 1 spd
Pump 26.0 bhp 1 spd
Pump 33.0 bhp 1 spd



Standard Footwell Location - 52 jet

Standard Footwell Location - 46 Jets

Standard Footwell Location - 33 Jets

Side Foot Dome Option - 52 Jets

Side Foot Dome Option - 46 Jets

Side Foot Dome Option - 33 Jets

Single Footblaster - 44 Jets

Single Footblaster - 32 Jet

Dual Footblasters - 49 Jets

Dual Footblasters - 45 Jets

Dual Footblasters - 33 Jets